How to recover mdadm RAID array after superblock is zeroed

   Few days ago I got one of my Linux RAID1 arrays go bad. One of the disks got bad sectors and the other one lost it's superblock. So the array was degradated and the only one "good" disk was with bad sectors. I added a new disk and tried to sync the data but it stucked on 36%. Using tools like "dd" or "ddrescue" didn't help neither. The "dd" just kept stopping and the "ddrescue" was recovering with 364Bytes/second so on 3TB disk this was kind of slow. After 2 days I just gave up recovering with this speed. So back to google I found that mdadm is smart enough so when creating new array it preservs the old data. So I decided to give it a try. Still just in case I didn't wanted to loose my data so did a clone of the disk with the "ddrescue" tool.

Configure debugging environment for ARM in Ubuntu ...
Configure debugging environment for ARM in Ubuntu with Eclipse

Next article is how to configure SEGGER's J-Link debugger to debug the NuttX OS from Eclipse.  Here I'm going to describe the it using The J-Link hardware debugging Eclipse plug-in. [ ... ]

Building NuttX in Eclipse (Ubuntu)
Building NuttX in Eclipse (Ubuntu)

For me personally is more convenient to build the code directly from the IDE where I'm editing it so here is an article how to configure building of NuttX from Eclipse. I'm configuring [ ... ]

Install and configure NuttX ARM build environment ...
Install and configure NuttX ARM build environment in Linux

In this manual will see how to install and configure all the tools needed to build NuttX for ARM under Linux. The toolchain is the one comming with the Ubuntu itself (at least with the [ ... ]

Time Tracker
Time Tracker

Time Tracker is a tool to track the time that was spent for some task and how much this time costs. Features:
   - Set the complementary time
   - Set the rate per [ ... ]

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