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App web site is now http://LightControl.us. Visit us there.

Mobile application to control Philips Hue lights.

So far it is only for Android.

 - Easy and fast control of the Philips Hue lights.
 - Control the bulbs separate.
 - Control the bulbs in groups.
 - Select color or color temperature.
 - Ability to add timed bulb control (Timed Mood).

 - Support Presets - Assign a Mood to a bulb/group. Preset combines multiple bulbs/groups.

LightControl is an application for controlling your Philips Hue lighting system. It provides quick manual controls over the single light or a group as well as presets.

In addition it will provide alarms, widgets and tasks support as an in-app product.

LightControl is designed around the separation of bulbs/groups and colors/moods/color temperature so that any bulb/group can be used with any color/mood/color temperature.

In the current version you can create a presets with bulb-mood pairs. So with one click you can set your entire home lights.

When you want to change the lights based on time mood, multiple presets can be executed at the same time if they don't have bulbs in common. If bulb in common exist the last activated preset will be the active one.

In the free version you can control up to 5 lights. If you need more you can unlock it from the menu as an in-app purchase.

Download it from Google Play.

Next screenshots are from the latest version for the moment:

Main screens:

Lights view Groups view Presets view

Light state selector screens:

Color picker Select mood Color Temperature

Other screens:

Add/Edit Preset Add/Edit Mood - Timed Select Icon


Program can execute multiple Presets at the time as long as they don't overlap (no shared bulbs between presets). If change a state of a bulb that is in a preset the execution of the Preset will stop.

Check the Privacy Policy for the application.


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