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Cloudflare free tier for home use

A good practice if you expose something from your local network to internet is to go through service like Cloudflare, so you get extra protection. This way you are not going to expose your public API neither.

I have registered a new domain that will be used for the services exposed with Google Domains. Keep in mind that you can register directly with Cloudflare, but I already have domains with Google and this is why registered it there. I just …

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Solve identity server signin-oidc 502 Bad Gateway error

It was time to run the Identity Server 4 with the rest of the microservices in the Kubernetes cluster on a dedicated machine. I am running single node cluster, since this is not production, but just one of my pet projects and it is running locally. Still, it is going through one more Nginx (on top of the Kubernetes ingress) used to expose over the internet and create the certificates through Let’s Encrypt.

When I run the Identity Server 4 …

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