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Install Windows IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 3B

Last years Microsoft and Windows are being transformed and got a lot of improvements. Windows is now running smoother and with less errors than before, so I decided to give it a try and install it on one of my Raspberry Pi 3Bs. Also I want to run a .NET Core on it (It will be in another article). I know it support Linux, but still.

Let’s get started.

First, go to and download the Windows 10 IoT Core …

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Selecting local NuGet server

Doesn’t matter if you are a big corporation, small company, a team of people or even a single person writing software it is worth organizing your code in modules and reuse it.

Using .NET (Standard/Core/Framework …) has the advantage of NuGet. It is open source package manager for .NET. You can use the public feed on, run your own NuGet server or create a local feed.

Let’s start with the simplest one – Local Feed.
Local NuGet package …

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How to create .NET Core NuGet Package in Visual Studio 2019

What is .NET Core?
.NET Core is an open source platform supported by Microsoft that can run on Windows, Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems and across multiple architectures including x64, x86 and ARM.
You can use multiple languages to write applications and libraries for .NET Core – C#, Visual Basic and F#.

In order to create a NuGet package with Visual Studio 2019 – select new Class Library (.NET Core) project.

I am going to call the project LoggingLib. …

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