How to create .NET Core NuGet Package in Visual Studio 2019

What is .NET Core?
.NET Core is an open source platform supported by Microsoft that can run on Windows, Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems and across multiple architectures including x64, x86 and ARM.
You can use multiple languages to write applications and libraries for .NET Core – C#, Visual Basic and F#.

In order to create a NuGet package with Visual Studio 2019 – select new Class Library (.NET Core) project.

I am going to call the project LoggingLib. In reality I’m not going to implement the code so it doesn’t matter the name.

In the Solution Explorer right click on the project and select Properties.

In the opened window you can enter all the information you need.

I checked the “Generate NuGet package on build” checkbox so every time I build the project will have the package regenerated.

So you can build the project now and you will have your package ready for deployment into the selected feed – public or private.