Nginx Proxy Manager and Let’s Encrypt certificates


In my previous for Nginx and Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM), I wrote on how to install NPM, but didn’t configure any certificates.

Out of the box Nginx Proxy Manager supports Let’s Encrypt SSL auto creation and renewal.

There is one limitation – you can create certificates only for specific domains/subdomains directly. If you want to create wildcard certificate you will need to use DNS Challenge.

What does that mean? You need to use some DNS server that allows API management and provide configuration for it to the NPM.

For example if you are using Cloudflare DNS you need to provide API token

I am strongly suggesting to click on the Force SSL and this way even if someone try to open your website with http it will be redirected to https.

One bug I noticed is that when you select it on creation it is not being saved. You need to go in the configuration one more time and enable it again.